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No one can have just one…

28 May 2010

If my friends think that one is bad enough, I’m inflicting two more on them. These are my not pet peeves, favours or even my children, but my blogs…

I can hear the groans, but what was I to do. I wanted to document my Nature Club Activity and also all I have learnt about the CME Lake. But the readers of a generic blog would find the list of taxa found in our wetlands taxing to say the least. Likewise, the doings of our little folk to the nth degree can only be of interest to the young ones or their parents, hence the two new blogs …

The Painted Stork Nature Club


The Living Lakes

While nothing much has been placed as yet, I hope these will prove as valuable adjuncts to this blog.

"The Painted Stork" blog

"The Living Lakes" blog

Meet India’s Earth Warriors – Sanctuary/RBS Wildlife awards 2009

31 December 2009

India’s nature has many champions. Often they go unheard of or unrecognized.

Fortunately, we have the Sanctuary/Royal Bank of Scotland (earlier ABN AMRO) Wildlife Awards who recognise people from all walks of life. 2009 was the tenth year this sterling award recognised Indians for their contribution to India’s nature and wildlife.

From the high-level executive who plays an important role in policy and resource allocation to the academics who have devoted their lives to India’s biodiversity to the oft-forgotten wildlife warden or forester to the young scientist burning to contribute his bit.  All these, and more, are honoured by the Sanctuary/RBS awards.

This year (2009) the 2009 Sanctuary/RBS Awards prizes went to :-

The Lifetime Service Award went to Brijendra Singh who has kept Corbett safe for over four decades!

The Wildlife Service awards went to Prabir Kumar Palei of Simlipal Tiger Reserve, Narhari Pandurang Bagrao who restored the damaged forests of Shahapur in Thane, Paresh Chandrakant Parob for his fierce commitment to the Goa forest lands under his control and his courage in the face of powerful vested interests, Drs Divya Mudappa and TR Shankar Raman for their exceptional contribution to saving the Western Ghats and Mike Pandey for his wonderful wildlife films which brought environment into the homes of the common Indian through DD.

The Young Naturalists award went to Prosper S Marak, Aamod Zambre and Vishal Bhave.

Prosper Marak has changed the face of Meghalaya's forests with his activism.

Aamod Zambre is a champion of scorpions.

Some of you may remember Aamod from my post on him and his friend Chintan Sheth. They are definitely living up to their promise and potential!

Vishal Bhave is doing path breaking studies of the sea slugs on our shores.

More power to these young naturalists of India!

Vijay Pinjarkar journalistic reports have forced the government to action on many environmental issues. – Courtesy:Vijay PinjarkarVijay Pinjarkar and the Nagpur Times of India won the Wind in the Wings Award for his brilliant investigative stories and his dogged pursuit of those who would violate the environmental and conservation laws of the land.

The Green Teacher awarsdwas won by Dr MR & Dr (Mrs) Sarah Almeida for nurturing, guiding and shaping young minds to explore and understand the mysterious world of plants.

Read more about them on the original post on the Sanctuary Asia website.

My New Year resolution – New Horizons!

30 December 2009

Strangely for a blog purporting itself to be about terrestrial nature, I found my interests this month exploring the Cosmos and our Universe, vast and mysterious beyond belief. Believing this to be a genuine topic for this blog – my travails in outer space, I decided to


with a resolution that suits my change of lifestyle this year from military duties to study leave.

I promise this year that I will explore new horizons and like the space craft which has reached nearer Pluto than Earth, go where I (man) have (has) never gone before.

Hope you join me on this epic adventure of discovery in 2010 by reading The ButterflyDiaries!

New Horizons - challenging our imagination and inspiring the world!

Learn more about New Horizons here :

*  Wired Magazine – Space Probe gets halfway to Pluto in record time!

*  NASA – New Horizons Pluto Kuiper Belt Flyby.

* Wikipedia – New Horizons.

Supporting Sahana!

12 December 2009

I had a great time interacting with the SahanaPy folks  and the young Turks from Bikaner at FOSS.IN 2009!  I identify most closely with that aspect of FOSS.

Sahana is a free disaster management software which helps us mitigate human grief in the aftermath of a disaster. Great guys doing great work!

Another rant of mine about FOSS was that T-shirts were not to be had! I mean I can’t  barge into a double-Greek, geek session on GNOME/MAEMO/KDE and pick up a Tshirt. Not quite the thing I do!

So the next best thing is to order a T-shirt for myself which @ajuonline was kind enough to help me with.

So here’s my snap in token support of Sahana…oops SahanaPy!

Supporting SahanaPy

Another reason I like Sahana – thats my niece’s name!