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No one can have just one…

28 May 2010

If my friends think that one is bad enough, I’m inflicting two more on them. These are my not pet peeves, favours or even my children, but my blogs…

I can hear the groans, but what was I to do. I wanted to document my Nature Club Activity and also all I have learnt about the CME Lake. But the readers of a generic blog would find the list of taxa found in our wetlands taxing to say the least. Likewise, the doings of our little folk to the nth degree can only be of interest to the young ones or their parents, hence the two new blogs …

The Painted Stork Nature Club


The Living Lakes

While nothing much has been placed as yet, I hope these will prove as valuable adjuncts to this blog.

"The Painted Stork" blog

"The Living Lakes" blog

Butterfly enthusiast abducted!

14 May 2010

STOP PRESS! This just in via ButterflyIndia email group.

The Telegraph (newspaper)

Guwahati/Itanagar, May 13: Suspected militants of the National Democratic Front of Boroland abducted an Indian Forest Service official of the Maharashtra cadre, V.S. Bardekar, from Daimara village in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, last night. (This is close to Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary).

Bardekar, a cadre of the 1984 batch, who was posted at Pune as the joint director (administration) , directorate of social forestry, Maharashtra, was on a private visit when he was abducted. Security forces have launched an operation to rescue him.

Read More about it here!

We pray for the speedy and safe return of the official.

Thanks to Niranjan Bhagobaty for alerting the community.

Another image added to post “The Heart of the Andes”

4 April 2010

I came upon an enlargement of detail of this painting on and have added it to the main post on the subject. It is much easier now to examine the craftsmanship of Church.

Nominee! “Sarson Patal” for the Best Travel Post!

23 March 2010

Sarson Patal“, a post on this Blog has made it to the final six in the Best Travel Post category! Click the logo to learn about the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards started by Visceral Observations. The six posts can be found here. All the travel posts are good. In keeping with good sportsmanship I have voted for one of the other blog posts (other than my own) which I consider as the best of the rest.

Read all six and enjoy. There’s no need to vote for me. Vote for whichever you feel in good conscience is the best. To have reached here itself is great!

My New Year resolution – New Horizons!

30 December 2009

Strangely for a blog purporting itself to be about terrestrial nature, I found my interests this month exploring the Cosmos and our Universe, vast and mysterious beyond belief. Believing this to be a genuine topic for this blog – my travails in outer space, I decided to


with a resolution that suits my change of lifestyle this year from military duties to study leave.

I promise this year that I will explore new horizons and like the space craft which has reached nearer Pluto than Earth, go where I (man) have (has) never gone before.

Hope you join me on this epic adventure of discovery in 2010 by reading The ButterflyDiaries!

New Horizons - challenging our imagination and inspiring the world!

Learn more about New Horizons here :

*  Wired Magazine – Space Probe gets halfway to Pluto in record time!

*  NASA – New Horizons Pluto Kuiper Belt Flyby.

* Wikipedia – New Horizons.

Meet The Butterfly! Series

30 September 2009

Since this blog is (supposedly) about butterflies, I would like to blog more about them. I do understand though that I have a mixed audience.

So for those new to the world of biodiversity, I intend putting up informative shorts about butterflies and moths. These will make the blog easier to follow if I post something specifically about butterflies! I hope these ‘primer’ posts will be of interest in themselves.