No one can have just one…

If my friends think that one is bad enough, I’m inflicting two more on them. These are my not pet peeves, favours or even my children, but my blogs…

I can hear the groans, but what was I to do. I wanted to document my Nature Club Activity and also all I have learnt about the CME Lake. But the readers of a generic blog would find the list of taxa found in our wetlands taxing to say the least. Likewise, the doings of our little folk to the nth degree can only be of interest to the young ones or their parents, hence the two new blogs …

The Painted Stork Nature Club


The Living Lakes

While nothing much has been placed as yet, I hope these will prove as valuable adjuncts to this blog.

"The Painted Stork" blog

"The Living Lakes" blog

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3 Comments on “No one can have just one…”

  1. Ava Says:

    More blogs are welcome.

  2. dibyendu Says:


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