My Online Library

Here are some books I recommend you to read. All the books to date are freely downloadable from the internet. Click the image to reach the download page.

An opened book standing with its outer cover facing us. The dustjacket is on and is fawn coloured. The spine bears the names of the book and author, a caricature of a bear cub, the cost (ten shillings and sixpence) and the logo for McMillan who published the book. The front jacket has the name written along the top edge and the head of an ibex in the centre.

The Ibex of Sha-Ping - Lt L.B. Rundall (1915)

Read the post about the book and its author here.

Tribes on my frontier - E.H. Aitken

Concerning Animals and other matters - E.H. Aitken

Read more about Edward Hamilton Aitken on my post and on Wikipedia.

2 Comments on “My Online Library”

  1. Mayukh Mukherjee Says:

    respected sir,
    i am a macro photographer by hobby.
    i would like to work under your guidance if given a chance. presently am in my MSc Conservation Biology [1st year]. please provide me with your email id so that i can show my work to you.

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