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I Glued Myself To A Crocodile

3 September 2016
I glued myself to a crocodile - image copyright  Jim Jourdane.

I glued myself to a crocodile – (Image copyright Jim Jourdane. Used under Fair Use)

I glued myself to a crocodile,
It wasn’t what I wanted to do,
As I fixed a radio transmitter,
The croc shook, my tube shook,
I was stuck with glue.

John held the head with a rope,
tied it to the pier rail,
Elmo held the rope of the tail,
tightly lest his grip fail.

I shrieked to Maya for immediate aid,
she kept her head, dropped her phone,
ran to the van, found my bag in my bed,
got my nailpolish remover, it’s acetone.

It came to me by flight,
but with God’s grace,
I caught it just right,
and with my teeth took a bite,

whipped off the bottle cap,
poured it all on my hand,
wrested my hand off right
then and jumped to land.

The poor croc cursed me,
splashed me, doused me,
but my job was done,
and now we could follow … my hand!

(Written by Ashwin Uncle when he saw the funny cartoon on BoredPanda & this doggerel is published under ; Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA. The image is copyrighted by Jim Jourdane and used under “Fair Use”.)

Dedicated to Agata Staniewicz and Jim Jourdane by Ashwin Uncle when he saw this cartoon today

“I Illustrate Humorous Stories Of Scientists Failures” by Jim Jourdane
(url –