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Ashwin Baindur (a.k.a. The Butterfly Diarist)

9 Comments on “Contact me!”

  1. Smilie! Says:

    Thanks Ashwin, for dropping by my blog. I was going through ur posts, oooo “heavy” i shud say! So, r u into astronomy big time?


  2. sharon Says:

    hi, hope all’s well with you. i wanted to know if you knew about buzzards, there’s a injured one staying around my mom’s house with a broken wing. she has alot of cats and keeps dried food out for them, the buzzard is eating the catfood and staying under her carport. i was wondering if they can heal on their own,or will it be permantely damaged? appreciate any help sharon

    • Hi Sharon, sorry for the long delay in replying but a bereavement diverted me away awhile. I have asked my friend Chris Rego, who has brought up wild animals both orphan and injured to reply you privately on your email. Hope that helps!

  3. gypsypkd Says:

    Hello, I am a Marathi Wikipedian, write about wildlife also. Can you supply information on butterfly and other insects with photos to be written in Marathi Wikipedia.

  4. Gautam Kumble Says:

    Truly impressed. Wonderful reading – kept me up for several hours. Keep it up and best wishes.

  5. HAY? Ashwin Ji ! Namaskar.
    We met at Mumbai wikiconference. Sorry I could not contact you earlier but its my fortunate to get your link today. I am posting you to confirm whether it is received and reciprocated by you or not. I can not forget the gift you presented to me at last moment of our departure. With warm regards I continue on english and hindi wikipedia regularly. I learnt you a lot from your valuable lectures at Mumbai.

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