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Yes we can, So they did!

16 February 2009

Paraphrasing poorly from Thomas Friedman and Obama, I found this looking me in the face when I looked up the Sunday e-paper from New York Times.

Thomas Friedman met two young foreign women in India during an energy conference. They came all the way from the US to India to organise a climate-change solution publicity caravan. They got some Reva electric cars, put up a solar panel roof, inspired others to join them and are safari-ing around India! They did this because they felt that India was so large, so much innovation was going on but people didnt know what was going on at other places, so they resolved to do something about it, and they did!

And you know what, they are right! I had to learn about this from a NYT E-paper op ed. My local copies of newspapers did not carry this news to me! Boy do we need networking!