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Supporting Sahana!

12 December 2009

I had a great time interacting with the SahanaPy folks  and the young Turks from Bikaner at FOSS.IN 2009!  I identify most closely with that aspect of FOSS.

Sahana is a free disaster management software which helps us mitigate human grief in the aftermath of a disaster. Great guys doing great work!

Another rant of mine about FOSS was that T-shirts were not to be had! I mean I can’t  barge into a double-Greek, geek session on GNOME/MAEMO/KDE and pick up a Tshirt. Not quite the thing I do!

So the next best thing is to order a T-shirt for myself which @ajuonline was kind enough to help me with.

So here’s my snap in token support of Sahana…oops SahanaPy!

Supporting SahanaPy

Another reason I like Sahana – thats my niece’s name!