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My New Year resolution – New Horizons!

30 December 2009

Strangely for a blog purporting itself to be about terrestrial nature, I found my interests this month exploring the Cosmos and our Universe, vast and mysterious beyond belief. Believing this to be a genuine topic for this blog – my travails in outer space, I decided to


with a resolution that suits my change of lifestyle this year from military duties to study leave.

I promise this year that I will explore new horizons and like the space craft which has reached nearer Pluto than Earth, go where I (man) have (has) never gone before.

Hope you join me on this epic adventure of discovery in 2010 by reading The ButterflyDiaries!

New Horizons - challenging our imagination and inspiring the world!

Learn more about New Horizons here :

*  Wired Magazine – Space Probe gets halfway to Pluto in record time!

*  NASA – New Horizons Pluto Kuiper Belt Flyby.

* Wikipedia – New Horizons.