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The Walking Tree

13 February 2009

It has been pointed out by discerning eyes that what I have is a collection of articles and not a pure blog.  The articles are too crafted – they appear to have been made for elsewhere and cobbled together here for my purposes, whatever they may be. Also, they are too long so that what I have is a blong and not a blog, so to say. When these observations emanate from my best friend and harshest critic, I can only do as my dog Aslan does – that is lie on my back and paddle my arms and legs and give guilty looks.

So here is a ‘blog’ type post whatever that means.

Today, my good friend, M…. (let him be M, it sounds mysterious and I get the credit for crediting him without actually crediting him, and to his credit, he does not complain. Incredible, I know, but true.)

Ouch,eek, ok, no more punning, enough ear-tweaking; enough already!

Anyways… M showed me an amazing report – a tree that walked and continues to do so after many decades. Its not something new having been reported almost a decade ago, but new to me.


I’ve always felt that trees have had something mysterious and deep about them, that is why I have a fetish for banyans, amongst other things. Trust a mango, a tree not normally used to perambulation, to come up with a way to overcome the limitations nature has placed on it with only nature’s tools at its disposal.

If you would like to read more about trees that walk, Google on…..

For those who like wordplay or pundits, I recommend V’s esoteric and alliterative dialogue in ”V for Vendetta’.  Too lazy to google?  Here it is…

or even better still, see the film.