About ‘The Butterfly Diaries’

This blog arose out of a realisation that while my digital camera and computer preserved large number of photos, my memory was grossly inadequate to remember the details and the context!

So this is my effort to :-

  • record my experiences selectively
  • present interesting titbits of natural history with images
  • remember the context of my interesting photos and records
  • act as a diary to relive the pleasures in times to come.
  • and lastly, act as a sandbox for my nature writing

So, you will find here within my family, my opinions, things important to me (but probably almost nobody else) as well as trivia.

I’m basically a butterfly guy, so while the blog encompasses all nature and my experiences with it so the blog name sticks! These posts are not time-sequential, they are written in the sequence that I felt like writing about them. You’ll find that, presently the blog has some of my experiences in the desert, Sikkim and North Bengal. My Pune experiences have also started coming along.

I do hope these experiences will be new and interesting to you and that you enjoy reading about them.

Ashwin Baindur a.k.a. the butterfly diarist


I’m now on Mastodon.

12 Comments on “About ‘The Butterfly Diaries’”

  1. VSK Says:

    Quite interesting. Lots to read. I have bookmarked it so that I can keep coming back. All the best.

  2. Rohit Gupta Says:

    very interesting reads, sir!…saw a GIB yesterday up close..!

  3. Swati Says:

    I loved your blog, I love animals, particularly butterflies and birds 🙂 I too have a blog, more on an informal note and I am adding yours to my blogroll! 🙂 Keep up the writing!

  4. Swati Says:

    Hey that book sounds very nice! I must get it and check it out 🙂 Am interested in reading anything related to nature so it doesn’t matter whether there are lions or butterflies in it 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. indiaunfinished Says:

    Terrific web log, please keep up the great work. Congratulations!

  6. Thanks Indiaunfinished for a great review and for this link. The review goes to a new review page and this link to a new resources page on the blog.

    Its great reading your blog. Rather like having a glass of VSOP after dinner. Savour every sip..er, post.

  7. Reading your “About The Butterfly Diaries” I realised I had more or less similar objectives, when I created my trek-travel blog Suhana-Safar. That is, creating a pictorial diary for future memory refreshes & reminiscenes … and if by chance, some stranger stumbles upon it and likes what he sees/reads, that is a an additional bonus! – KS

  8. Samiran Jha Says:

    Excellent Blog with nice information..A lot to read…

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