Do it RIGHT!


Agar Khuda na khasta ho jaye snake bite!
We have a weapon for the good fight!
Its not miracle, magic, faith or myth,
The first aid is called DO IT RIGHT!

R is for Re-assure!
Tell the patient you will be ok for sure!
Because non-poisonous snakes are percent 70!
Of the zahreela, dry bites are percent 50!
The rest of the cases, we can cure!
You can still have a full life, sure!

I is more Immobilise!
You can move nothing but your eyes!
Stop the poison spread!
Dont walk or move, dont even nod your head!

GH is for Get to Hospital!
This is the step that is most vital!
Dont wait for jadi booti or pandit or prayer!
Speed him to the doctor, fly through the air!

T is for telling the doctor everything;
signs and symptoms and how you feel within.
Also if possible, the very snake
or a photo or an id for life’s sake.

This is no homely gyan or rhyme
This is WHO 2007 treatment line
no ice, no sucking, no permanganate
Forget your tourniquet, forget your blade
Follow my advice or badly it will end!
Do it right and save your friend!

Authorship for this post – Baindur, Ashwin; Hariharan, Manisha & Rao, Sanjay (in alphabetic sequence)

License – Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Sharealike Unported License”

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2 Comments on “Do it RIGHT!”

  1. Dear Sir,

    I cannot share how great I feel to read this poem! I do not have words now.

    Thanks a lot.

    Dr. Abhijeet Safai

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