Morning Walk

A poem by Aditi Baindur

One day, I took off to the lake,
to meet a friend for a morning walk,
I spotted lots of coots and ducks,
and a single painted stork.

I hoped to meet my friend out there,
waiting under a tree,
it stood up tall, dry and bare,
my friend I did not see.

The tree trunk stood tall and strong
supporting each green leaf above
I marvelled at the care provided
to each leaf, motherly love.

I spotted a hollow as my eyes did roam –
What lived inside the bole of the tree?
To what little creature was it home?
A squirrel, a myna, a lizard, or a bee?

Just then I saw a little bird,
not far off from that tree,
fallen and hurt, it bled on the dirt,
I ran to its rescue, couldn’t let it be.

The mother came showering down
between me and the chick
I let it shepherd the little one away
while I did the vanishing trick

My friend came up just then
laughing and carefree
I hope you weren’t bored she said
waiting here alone for me

I said how can one get bored
there is so much around to see
nature’s bounty, mankind’s treasures
were all around me plenty!

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9 Comments on “Morning Walk”

  1. Ava Says:

    Wonderful … Aditi is a nature poet!

  2. KJ Singh Says:

    Such a sensitive poem, Aditi….very nice

  3. Radha Nair Says:

    Truly I love your drawings Aditi.What a sweet birdie!

  4. D Bhattacharjee Says:

    Beautiful poem , Aditi.
    Keep it up.

  5. Rahul Says:

    a lovely poem, reminds us of how comfortable we can truly be, alone with nature..

  6. A beautiful tribute to the beautiful glimpses of nature. I love how you portray the beauty of nature through your eloquent verse. Thanks for an amazing share, please find time to read some of my poetry on
    Rain-Chime~My Poetry Blog,

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