Climate change and butterflies

This report appeared in the Statesman on 19 Mar 2010. For the first time, cause-effect relationship between climate change and a living organism has been shown with regards to a butterfly, the Common Brown, Heteronympha merope in Melbourne.

Common Brown (Heteronympha merope)

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2 Comments on “Climate change and butterflies”

  1. iniyaal Says:

    So warmer the earth is, sooner will butterflies emerge… Does this mean butterfly population will increase?

    • The conditions will be better for some species, worse for others, little effect to yet others. The warming of the earth doesn’t just mean that the Earth gently heats up and the climate slowly changes. It means the heat will added to the atmosphere, oceans etc and create changing patterns of weather and climate, submerge land, melt permafrost ice and a whole host of other issues. These will have drastic or even catastrophic effects to species which are unable to adapt.

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