Unrequited love (55 Fiction)

She was his first mate. Never had he met a more sensuous member of the other sex. He had wooed her and charmed her; they had just made love. To his dismay, his true nature emerged. He couldn’t help himself as he killed her and then ate her.

King cobras do such things.

Closeup of head of a yellow and brown hooded snake staring towards the reader.



The scientific name of a King Cobra is Ophiophagus hannah. Ophiophagus means – snake-eater. The King Cobra is a specialist feeder on other snakes and also its own kind.

A documentary film showing a king cobra devouring its female partner on one of the private television channels has turned out to be a bane for the world’s unique radio telemetric project initiated by well known herpetologist Romulus Whitaker to track the movement of the reptile. The Forest Deptt has asked the project to close down citing the showing of a male king cobra eating a female on the show. The project has appealed for the research permit to be renewed.

Read more about it here.

Oh and don’t forget to read “Love still unrequited“.

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16 Comments on “Unrequited love (55 Fiction)”

  1. I didn’t get you… The male cobra eats the female cobra? :S

  2. roshan Says:

    Nice.. A good use of the 55 word story 🙂

    • Thanks, Python Roshan. Hope I recognise you when I see you next! Come over, we can drink beer, see some birds (real ones) and give you material for another post!

  3. Luisa Says:

    Well done, indeed!

    • Thanks Luisa. Loved your blog otter image. You are really one great dog-lover. Have you read “Man’s best friend” on this blog? Access it from the Compleat List of Ye Posts link.

  4. iniyaal Says:

    From what I read in your “King Cobra” link, this snake is a real loner… Imagine a world where you do not get close to any of your friends or family, except for eating them!

  5. Shilpa Garg Says:

    Wow!! Truly amazing! And an unexpected climax!
    Never knew about this trait of the Cobras.

    Thanks 🙂 I am humbled!

  6. Snigdha Kar Says:

    this is cannibalism, species consuming or eating members of their own species.

    I would really like to know is it only male that eats female in case of cobra or females can eat male too because in many species for example in spider, females are only know to eat males after mating because the purpose of male in the web of life is over and female must survive to bring out the offspring.

    Thanks Ashwin Sir


  7. Ava Says:

    Male Chauvinist PIG .. err .. snake ..

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