Evolution by the grassroots – Olivia Judson

Prehistoric man succeeding in colonising the world and gaining ascendancy over it, thanks to food production which took him away from his hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Grasses gave him domesticable candidates for crops and we have today wheat, rice, corn and a host of many other not so well known cereals. Without grasses, man would indeed starve to death.

One of the reasons, Walt Whitman’s poem A child said, What is the grass?appeared on this blog, is that I have a soft spot for this taken-for-granted genre of flora. Olivia Judson’s piece on the New York Times blog “Opinionator” appealed to me. So here it is. I wish I had this image (which I’m using under fair use from the NY Times post) for my own post on Whitman.

Click the image to read her post on "Opinionator"...

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2 Comments on “Evolution by the grassroots – Olivia Judson”

  1. Iniyaal Says:

    Wow… I never realized how important grasses are. They are so tiny and seem to be so much in abundance that, I guess, we take them for granted. Next time I rush by a cityscape devoid of grasses, I will stop to think twice…!

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