Insect talk shows!

If  you would like to listen to interesting, light-hearted talks about hexapods – those fascinating six-legged creatures you and I commonly refer to as  ‘insects’, then…

……Insectapod is for you.

You can rest your pods, put on your iPod and listen to insect podcasts.

Now, if I were you a few months ago, I would have said ‘waszat’ to the term ‘podcast’.

Well Wikipedia (almost) says …

podcast is a series of  audio or video files that are released episodically and downloaded through web syndication

So, a insectapodcast would therefore mean a series of interesting talks about insects, recorded as mp3 files in this case, and available as a series from Insectapod.

The insectapodcast is brought to you courtesy the Entomology Deptt, Michigan State University.

Each podcast, there are nine available as of date, talks on a folksy subject. The very first one (find it here) should find you right at home with its subject.  It is titled…

There’s no place like home

and has the byline…

“We share our homes with bedbugs, we manipulate the home lives of honey bees.”

Some other titles are :-

Insectapodcasts are well presented – they are nice to listen to (despite the American accents 😉 ). They permit you to listen, download, read the transcript and have a iTunes and RSS feed buttons.

They recently featured in the Spring 2009 volume of American Entomologist. You can find their article on Insectapod here.

So many of us own iPods or other mp3 players today. Most cellphones have this facility to. In addition to our music,  it is easy to listen to something different such as an educational talk or two.

The master list for all podcasts is of course found at

And if you would like to hear something very interesting about insects, check out the Insectapod talk list here.

Happy podcasting!

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