A spider came to my office….

and got onto the table...
and got onto the table…

A spider came to my office.
I didn’t know what to do,
So I greeted her as a guest;
didn’t grate her under my shoe.

She had sexy gold markings,
on a body chocolate brown,
slim, jointed legs and pied pedipalps
and a gold crown all her own.

She jumped up along my leg
and got onto the table,
looked me square in my eye,
as if eager and willing and able

she jumped into my file cover....
she jumped into my file cover….

to help me with my work.
I turned her mini-help down
but she was not to be put off
by a word or even a frown.

She jumped into my file cover
got stuck between two pages
I rushed before she passed over.
Carefully! Slowly! Took ages!

She now wanted to type
on to the keyboard sprang she
but she was once again mightily floored
as to how to press down a key.

on to the keyboard sprang she....
on to the keyboard sprang she….

I offered her a pencil or pen
she was vain to touch such stuff
wandered off for more interesting things
of Literature she’d had enuff.

She jumped onto my shirt,
went onto my collar.
I was statue still, perspiring,
I didn’t want her to be a goner!

of Literature she'd had enough....

of Literature she'd had enough....

Angrily I swatted her off.
No more, get right off me!
But she just wouldn’t go away,
that arachnine busybee!

To her feminine side I made appeal;
I made her pirouette on my hand.
A super model I made her feel,
posing next to a rubber band.

At last satisfied, she was off
to a world of fame and glory.
With a twinkling of silk thread
launched off the table twelve-storey.

posing next to a rubber band....

posing next to a rubber band....

Immediately I raised my feet
so as not to crush her.
All the way outside the door
my cheers and waves followed her.

So whenever you are tired or bored
just call my eight-legged friend.
If you promise not to harm her
she’ll entertain you no end.

She’ll teach you a thing or two
about space, agility and time.
She’ll cock a elegant leg at you,
even teach you how to rhyme.

launched off the table twelve-storey....

launched off the table twelve-storey....

I have added some snaps over here
so that you’ll recognise when you see her.
Be careful of my little spider dear
of gorgeous looks, and good humour!

Photo credits.

Sigh, all mine including the blurry ones!

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26 Comments on “A spider came to my office….”

  1. rocksea Says:

    hehe. i love the feelings the poem gives. will take care of her when she jumps to my table.

  2. Ava Says:

    Oh Julia Roberts came a visiting?

    Have you seen Charlotte’s Web? Wilbur is a little runt of a pig who is destined to wind up on the Christmas table. He is helped by a Spider, Charlotte (voiced by Julia Roberts) who helps him escape this imminent execution. Both the movie and the book (EB White) are great.

  3. Ava Says:

    huff.. not Angelina Jolie.. huff

    Anyhow, ever since I have seen this movie, I call all spiders (even male ones.. i cant tell) Julia Roberts.

    Maybe you could have got Angelina to do voiceover.

  4. Ashwin, really engaging! I like the photos too!

  5. Janaki Turaga Says:

    Hi Ashwin,

    It is Male Telamonia dimidiata. He is the tall dark and handsome dude. While the she is fair, beautiful and delicate-naazuuk lass! Totally opposite.
    A very beautiful and colourful spider.
    Kind Regards

    Janaki Turaga

    • Drat! Here I was fantasizing as to whom to select for a voice-over! Anyway, I’ll leave that choice now to Ava!

      Anyway, only the female of a species can move one to poetry. Doubt if I could have produced such purple poetry if I had known the spider was male! 😉

  6. Shyamal Says:

    Why did the fly fly? Because the spider spied-her.

  7. Aditi Says:

    even at work, you are never far away from nature :))

  8. flowergirl Says:

    Oh wow, Col!

    I also saw a spider
    a pretty large orb-weaver.
    her eight legs looked like four
    who she was, I wasn’t sure.

    To identify her, I had not much hope
    But help was at hand, and she was an Argiope!


  9. Ava Says:

    Spider Spider burning bright. Good thing spidey didnt know you were dreaming of him as a female.. he may have woven a nasty web.

  10. Wow! Thats some poem…!

    I wasn’t aware that a poem could be penned on our eight-legged friend… of all things and creatures! (Thankfully it was the ‘Spiderman’ though… !)

    The pics are perfect too!

    P.S. Shubh Navaratri/Dussehra/Durga Puja!

  11. Wow ! I never knew there is a poet in u !!!! Nice ! your pic made me realize that i have failed to see small things in life …. in our daily life..

  12. Dr. Sumit Chakrabarti Says:

    Your spider was :

    Telamonia dimediata (Simon, 1899)
    Family: Salticidae (Jumping Spider)
    Sex: Male (sexual dimprphism as well as colour morphs exists)
    Common English Name: Two Striped Telamonia (Koh, 2001)
    Bengali Name: Lal Par Lapharu


    (copied here from SpiderIndia post).

  13. Kiran Srivastava Says:

    Hey, you got there a Telemonia
    Most definitely a dimidiata
    I have seen it on a Lagerstroemia
    …or was it on a Dalbergia lanceolata?
    On your desk tis looks incongruous
    Prettier still on a purple Convolvulus!

    Kiran Srivastava

    (From SpiderIndia post)

  14. kiran srivastava Says:

    Thank you!

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