The flowergirl and her birds

FlowergirlIn the South Indian city of Madras
lives a sweet little nature-loving lass,
who rambled on about that city fair
And wrote about living things worthy of care.

One day, she got a bonnet in her bee;
She had just discovered the IATB,
where you find nice things that people had written
about our avian wonders; every reader was smitten.


Then she laboriously listed them in her post
of Madras Ramblings. What a sweet host!
For everyone to admire and to see.
All the publicity! That too for free!

What’s more it was all set to rhyme,

Hurry up there, we have no time!

Spinytailed Lizard - Clement FrancisJust to cut a short story long,
You’ll find there one of my song –
Of Spiny-tailed lizards and more than one raptor.

Never mind me, read her post!  Feel the rapture!

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3 Comments on “The flowergirl and her birds”

  1. flowergirl Says:

    LOL – as my teenage son would say!!

    That’s wonderful! Though i do doubt that “little” and “sweet” would be in his vocabulary while describing me!!

  2. how did i miss this one earlier ! 🙂

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