Quote – Holmes on ‘Entomology’

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

” I suppose you are an entomologist ? ”

” Not quite so ambitious as that, sir. I should like to put my eyes on the individual entitled to that name.

No man can be truly called an entomologist,
sir;  the subject is too vast for any single human intelligence to grasp.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

The Poet at the Breakfast Table.

Image credit : Wikimedia Commons.

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5 Comments on “Quote – Holmes on ‘Entomology’”

  1. Ava Says:

    In Arthur Conan Doyle’s story, The Hound of the Baskervilles, the villain is a naturalist who collects butterflies, making him an “evil” entomologist.


    • Hmm, so I have been ‘evil’…a valid point of view as far as the butterflies and other insects were concerned.

      • Ava Says:

        Yes, poor butterflies. I have something evil to butterflies at one time. But no more, I just look as they fly past. There is one is a greenish – ghia/doodhi colour that I like. Apart from the more common yellow one. Loads of them about at this time of the year.

        • The yellows are Grass Yellows (Eurema spp). The gree-white ones are Emigrants (Catopsilia spp). Both are Pieridae, a family of sun-loving butterflies commonly called as the Whites and Yellows.

  2. rocksea Says:

    Ya, lots to keep learning!

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