Carnival of butterflies!

Tiger,   Panther,   Peacock,   Puffin

Swift,   Albatross,   Tit,   Batwing

Pierrot,   Punchinello,   Punch and   Judy

Commodore,   Courtesan,   Camberwell Beauty

Wight,   Wizard,   Mormon,   Jester

Duffer,   Caliph,   Quaker,   Forester

Tinsel,   Onyx,   Circe,   Labyrinth

Argus,   Satyr,   Kaiser-e-hind

Redspot,   Redbreast,   Redbase,   Redeye

Oakleaf,   Acacia Blue,   Bushbrown,   Palmfly

Royal,   Imperial,   Rajah,   Emperor

Duchess,   Nawab,   Count,   Commander

Lancer,   PioneerSailer,   Lascar

Yeoman,   Soldier,   Sergeant-Major

Rustic,   Vagrant,   Constable,   Freak

Awlet,   Hopper,   Flitter,   Beak

Sawtooth,   Lacewing,   Swordtail

Monkey Puzzle,   Tortoiseshell and   Swallowtail

You must have guessed by now that these are all butterflies! All except two are Indian.  Can you guess which ones are not?

Click on the words to learn more about these butterflies.

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6 Comments on “Carnival of butterflies!”

  1. Ava Says:

    Hey , I thought you were writing your own version of We Didnt Start the Fire, it does kinda rhyme that way !

    Its great to read something by you !

  2. Ava Says:

    I think Tiger, Puffin n Peacock are common in India. I used to love the black one best. Of course its been years and years since I have chased after a butterfly.

  3. Thank you. Glad you liked it. Its a list set to rhyme or cadence.

    You can still chase butterflies by clicking on the links.

    • Ava Says:

      I did follow the butterflies again, and it was a pleasure.

      Children know something that grown up forget.. how to find pleasure in simple things.

  4. flowergirl Says:

    Love the cadence of it!

    let me take a wild guess – Punch and Judy??!

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