Overheard in the house!

Self: This blog thing is getting on my nerves!

Better half: Its your blog. You started it.

Yes, I thought that this was going to be meaningful!

(Scornfully) Meaningful? How?

Oh, I dont know, I just expected better feedback, not just people reading and moving on. Of course a few say things like ”well done, keep it up”. But it gets highly boring after a while.

Oh, you give them thoughtful, challenging ideas which wake them from their slumber and make them comment, is that it?

(Sheepishly) Not quite, but I did do a lot of writing.

And for that they owe you a living! Hah.

Well, I did think that writing would be fun.

Isnt it?

Yes, but..

Whoever said hosting a blog was fun? You have fun while writing. Then you post. You have now had your fun. Now its upto the reader to have fun or not..

So where does that leave me?

You want to be left? I can do something about it!

No, no, no that’s not what I meant. Am I achieving something at all?

So tell them new things.

New things? But that’s what a paper or a magazine does!

Oh, so now you think just because something’s in a paper, everybody would have read it? (Nastily) So now this magazine your good friend Pervez brought 20 kms from his home to show you one week ago does not have anything to interest you?

But I haven’t read it yet!

So is this how you treat your friends and their loving gestures?

He did mention that it had something interesting!

So, if a magazine left by your bedside for a week which you did not read contains something interesting, you think the world would have seen it and everybody knows all about it except you?

(Sheepishy) If you put it that way…

So find out what’s interesting and tell them about it.

But I didn’t write about it and I did that kind of blog post already!

Don’t I know that! You have been sulking so long that that single blog type post got more views than all your creative writing.

Is it so obvious?


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